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ROOTS Therapeutic Services

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Neuro affirming and trust-based relational approaches to support you and your child.



Our Setting

ROOTS Therapeutic Services provides occupational therapy in a home-like atmosphere, warm and welcoming. We have indoor and outdoor spaces to provide optimal therapeutic benefits. On 11 acres of land, children can engage on the playground, in the fields, berry patches, and within the forest. 


Individual, Groups, and More!


Evaluations and Individual OT

Individual occupational therapy services start with an evaluation, developing your child's occupational profile. Ongoing individual services are typically 1x/week.

OT Groups

Groups are formed based on community need. While each child will have individual goals, groups place a strong emphasis on sensory and social-emotional development. 


Workshops can cover a wide range of topics surrounding children development. These can be tailored to meet your needs for staff, parents, or other organizations. 


Parents Recommend

Elizabeth L.

"Her homey environment and easy going and fun-loving personality have made her one of my son's favorite people. you'll find someone who listens, supports, and encourages your child and your family."

Andrew S.

"Kim is an absolute treasure for OT. She helped with our 4-year-old and over the course of 6 months, we saw an amazing transformation and also received awesome tips, strategies, and ideas that we could implement at home."

Jillian S.

"The progress that my son made in working with her was tremendous; and his relationship with her so special to him. We are forever grateful."


Occupational Therapy Moments


Picking berries in summer support fine motor pincer grasps, confidence to balance and reach within the prickly bushes, and encourages healthy snacking.


Cohabitating with wild animals is a keystone interaction pattern between children and nature.


Meal prep activities encourage independence and nourishment. OTs use task analysis to obtain that just right challenge for the child to learn while experiencing success.


Accepting help from a peer provides a different connection and sense of support.


We use real tools for learning. Real tools are higher quality, work better, are more efficient, and show the child respect.


Children use their entire body to navigate the outdoors with confidence.

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