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Get to Know Your OT
and Our Setting



Kimberly O'Donnell, OTR/L

Kimberly O'Donnell is a passionate early childhood professional and pediatric occupational therapist. She started her career and education in Early Childhood Education and Family Studies before getting her master's in Occupational Therapy. She has experience working in preschool and afterschool programs, early intervention, and outpatient clinics. Kimberly started her own practice in 2019 because she knew there would be a therapeutic benefit to get children outdoors and work in a quiet welcoming setting. Starting this practice simply felt right and the outcome has been rewarding! 



ROOTS Therapeutic Services is located within a separate unit of Kimberly O'Donnell's home. It feels comfortable and inviting. Indoors you will find a waiting room, small kitchen for food prep practice, space for art and games, as well as gross motor space for climbing and swinging. 

OT is not just held indoors! Children need to get outside to reap the endless benefits of nature. ROOTS Therapeutic Services is on 11 acres. Children can engage on the playground, in the fields or berry patches, and within the vast woods. 

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