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Thinking that occupational therapy services may be helpful for you and your child, the first step is to give a call! What comes next is a quick intake, evaluation appointment with child and caregiver, and then regular weekly OT sessions if needed. 


Contact Us and Intake

The first step is to simply reach out! We can answer any questions you may have. If needed, we will find a good time to chat over the phone to gather some initial information. We will talk for about 10-15 minutes gathering some fundamental information about your child. Have your insurance card handy and give your pediatrician a call to fax over a referral. We will determine an evaluation date and send over initial paperwork to be completed.



Our first appointment for individual occupational therapy services is considered an evaluation. Much of this time is spent talking with the child's caregivers, gathering more in-depth information about your child's strengths and challenges. We place focus on their sensory profile, independence in activities of daily living, and developmental domains. We also take observational notes on your child's play and interactions. We will engage in some play with your child to further gather information and begin to build a rapport. Following the evaluation, a formal report will be written that compiles and analyzes the information gathered. We will determine if OT would be beneficial for your child and identify goals to target. 


Weekly OT Sessions

OT sessions incorporate a lot of play! Through play we are able to establish a therapeutic relationship, foster connection and flexible thinking, and target goals in a fun environment. Services can take place inside and outside year-round! We value caregiver involvement and maintain an open door policy. You are welcome to watch or participate in your child's session. 


Progress and Achieving Goals

Your child will make progress! In addition to open communication during weekly sessions, we will provide progress reports every 4-6 months to outline your child's progress and ongoing goals being worked on. Every child's needs and development speed are different, but every child will make gains in occupational therapy! 

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